Blogs/Twitter/Facebook and all the rest are too linear.

This site attempts to represent text and photos in a way that mimics the unpredictability of memory and thought. Writing from the past will appear mixed with writing from today. A thought from today may not be immediately interesting, unless somebody else engages it. Topics of thought sneak into the frame like reminders; it's up to the author to take the bait, or not.

Posts, like thoughts, cannot be changed once they're birthed. They can be connected to later thoughts, leading to more relevant, fleshed-out thoughts at every step.

Posts from other places connected to you appear on the right, floating into view based on the content on the current page.

Tõzan's "Masagin"

A monk asked Tõzan, "What is Buddha?"
Tõzan replied, "Masagin!"

Old Tõzan attained the poor Zen of a clam. He opened the two halves of the shell a little and exposed all the liver and intestines inside.
But tell me, how do you see Tõzan?

"Three pounds of flax" came sweeping along;
Close were the words, but closer was the meaning.
Those who argue about right and wrong
Are those enslaved by right and wrong.